New Year's Eve Travel Info for London 2023 - FAQs

New Year's Eve 2023 promises to be bigger and better than ever. Please find below some FAQ's.

Can I cancel or amend a booking?
New Year’s Eve bookings are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.
Any cancellations must be communicated in writing to Hospitality Line or its trading brands by the party organiser; we cannot accept any cancellations over the telephone. 

How do I get in contact?
All questions and enquiries can be submitted from our contact us page. Alternatively please call us on the telephone number given on our contact us page 

How are my tickets sent? 
Your e-tickets are sent via email. These must be printed out and taken with you on the date of travel

When can I expect to receive my e-ticket?
E-tickets, tickets and vouchers (dependent on event) will be sent by Hospitality Line approximately 10 - 14 days before the event date, and subject to full payment being made.  

Can I show my e-ticket on my smartphone or tablet
No, all e-tickets need to be printed and presented upon arrival.

I'm not sure if my booking was processed, how can I find out if it was processed?
Please contact us with your booking details. We will check to see if we have received your booking request successfully.

I don't have or own a credit card, how do I book?
Please call us on the telephone number given on our contact us page and we will be happy to accept your booking over the telephone. We can accept payment by bank transfer.

Can I bring my own food/drinks?
Please note that clients are not permitted to bring their own food and beverages. Any contravention of this policy will result in the function being terminated immediately or at the nearest pier if you are attending a cruise without refund.  All bars will close 15 minutes prior to the finishing time of the event or function to allow for drinking up time.

Is smoking permitted on New Year’s Eve cruises?
Smoking is not permitted on the inside of vessels.

What happens if I am late arriving to the pier for my New Year’s Eve Cruise?
We recommend that you arrive at the pier at least 15 minutes prior to boarding. Your confirmed vessel may not be ready to board or even be at the pier but please do not worry, the boat will arrive in time to board at the designated time and departure will be prompt.  The boat cannot wait for latecomers. 

What happens when I arrive at the pier to board my New Year’s Eve Cruise?
There will be a representative on pier, look out for our representative holding signage with your vessel name on. The representative will take your printed voucher and check your name against the guest list. You will then be able to board the cruise.

I cannot find my departure pier for my New Year’s Eve Cruise?

Do I need a pier pass or wristband to gain entry to the restriction zones?
Pier passes will be needed for certain cruises. This information will be released closer to the date of the event.
These will be sent to you by email and MUST be printed out and taken with you in order to gain access to your pier. If you have not recieved your pier pass, please contact us as soon as possible.

Where can I find information on public transport for New Year’s Eve?

General Travel Information 
Even if your event is not within the exclusion zone, please be aware of the below information regarding events on London on New Year's Eve.

Public Transport
Public transport will be affected on New Year's Eve and you should check with Transport for London and National Rail for regular updates before travelling. Due to the nature of the event and the need to safely manage large numbers of passengers, stations may need to close temporarily at any time during the day, or night. Please plan ahead and consider alternative routes to your destination. Please check your planned route before travelling and share this information with any guests. 

Police Searches            
Please note that for anyone booked on to a boat on New Year's Eve, the Police have advised that the boat operators will need to conduct bag and/or person searches on all guests boarding the vessels on New Year's Eve. This is going to be a blanket requirement for all boats going out on the river that evening.

General Information
Please allow extra time to reach your party destination, London will be very busy. For cruise bookings, piers will be servicing many other party guests and boats other than the party that you have booked for. Boats will not wait for latecomers and refunds will not be made because of late arrival, regardless of the circumstances.

In regards to restaurant/cruise packages, if individuals arrive late for the meal then it may be necessary to forfeit a course in order to board the boat on time. It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive at your destination on time. Absolutely no refunds will be issued under any circumstances to customers who are late.